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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2006Printer-Friendly
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I want to celebrate the true advent of my website! Until now it has been just a skeleton of information. My friend Steven Lee at Animotion Studios has done a superb job of creating a site to house my work.

My wife, Leah and Steven have spent countless hours assembling all of the information here. After seven years and over 2,000 pieces later, all the current work is here!!  

We recently completed a full inventory of all current work in my possession. You will find information about the medium, dimensions, complete edition numbers for my hand-pulled linocuts, etchings, and lithographs, along with how many are remaining in each edition. The dimensions, how many are remaining and the impact of a piece are a few factors in pricing the work. My longevity as a full-time artist and my resume play into that as well. Pricing adjustments have been set. And we thank you for your patience as we did all this.

You will notice on the front page of our  "Web Store" (storefront) a place to "search" my work. This gives you the ability to keyword search any piece on the site by using the added keywords such as interior, landscape, architecture, still life, figure, cityscape, floral, farmland, or ALL (to see every piece), etc., next to the description of each piece. You can also use a  word from the title or any word I use to describe the work to search a piece.

I hope you are uplifted by just being here. My art is meant to turn your eyes toward the all pervading essence of creation. Every good and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of light. I'm just reflecting a little bit of that light. I hope you will join me to bask in it's glow.


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