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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 200614 years ago
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Going for Baroque!

Yesterday, while concert goers ate their lunch in the Barrett Room at the Headquarters Library of Spartanburg, SC., Mark "performed" alongside the Carolina Chamber Ensemble as they played an educational mini-concert.

CCE played works by Italian, French and German Baroque composers and gave biographical information including the artists' financial circumstances (who was broke and who wasn't). They also described the Baroque style of music while Mark silently demonstrated with strong, spinning lines and with ornamental highlights here and there in his piece.          

To see a visual artist working live along with another art genre in a cafe` setting was enjoyable and relaxing as well as entertaining and educational.

We were so honored to take part in it. We hope more opportunies like this will arise. We love the energy of "live" work. Peoples' reactions to the work is what makes the pieces come alive.

I'm posting some pictures of the performance so you can have a sneak peek.

I hope your day is phenomenal!


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