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Gallery of Past Work
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Peruse through a gallery of past work no longer available for purchase.

"Ancient Astronomers" 1992 This is speculation of course but I would ..."Seventeen Doors & Drawers Chair" 1997 My daughter Lydia's favorite...."Banner Chair" 1989 This is my "full-power", strange chair. It has...
"Long Bench" 2000 Pieces of furniture that you see with this is made..."Wedding Table" 1997 Yellow pine is what the table is made of in st..."Peek a Boo Chair" 1999 This chair was made for my daughter, Lydia. ...
"Herald Angel" 1995 This was made for a Christmas card. My mother an..."Sunflower & Zinnias" 1997 This is a medium-sized linocut. I grow my..."Winter Dusk" 1996 This work was created from the inspiration I got ...
Here's the only sample so far of an actual linocut PLATE. What I've do..."Girl with Black Hair" 1998 This is another one of my unfinished por..."Sister Song" 1997 (unfinished) This is of a very fine artist's (Su...
"Westside Backyards" 2000 This is viewable almost directly from my d..."The Baker" Oil 1999 "Mozart" Acrylic 2006
"House on a Hill with Clothesline" Watercolor 4" x 5" 2004Large House at Night Aquatint 11.75" x 9.5 1989"Charleston Place" Acrylic 30" x 30 2006
"Skaneateles Farmland" Batik 48" x 30" 2004 "Life Abundant" Batik 44" x 39 2005"McBee House" Batik 48" x 36" 2000
Luna Landing Logo Acrylic on Wood 24"Aurora Over Mt. McKinley Acrylic on Wood 8' x 2.5' 2004Alstromarias With Baby's Breath 11" x 14.5" Linocut 1995 I cut t...
Joanna and Violin Linocut 1993 Background colors on this are from a...Red Hampton House Linocut 1994 This is a continuation of Hampton Av...Small House Linocut 1996 This small house originated in Greenwood f...
Summer Night Lights 9" x 11" Linocut 1993Summer Night Light(monochromatic) 9" x 11" Linocut 1993Augusta Road Neighborhood Watercolor 6" x 5.5" 2006
House by Shoeless Joe Park Watercolor 8.5" x 7" 2006Falls River Cottage watercolor 7" x 10" 2006Brandon United Methodist Church watercolor 7" x 10" 2006

There is a total of 33 photos in this album.

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