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Mulfinger's Childhood Artwork
Sunday, May 21, 2006
Selected works from childhood.

White Rabbit ca. Age 7I remember sitting in front of the Dining Common with my Grandpa Ralph..."Christmas Contest Piece" Mark Mulfinger, 1st Prize Age 11
"David & Goliath" Mark Mulfinger 3rd Grade "A- Excellent figures ..."Exotic Birds" Mark Mulfinger 7 years old --April"Done by Mark Mulfinger, age 7, 1969 Given to me on Dec. 27, 1969." ...
"Woman in a Garden" Mark Mulfinger Age 7, 2nd Grade"House with Oriental Rugs" :-) Mark Mulfinger Preschool"Mark's Big Black Dog" Mark Mulfinger ca. kindergarten
Mark's former bedroom door at his Mother's house as it looks today. ..."J.S. Bach Enthroned" This is one of many snow sculptures Mark was re..."The Violinist" A sculpture Mark did in highschool. He's fairly notor...
"Harry's No Good, Very bad Day!" This piece depicts a "typical" day in...

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