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Snaps of the Studio
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
A brief visit

Mark telling me about some of the pieces he's working on and the stori...Painting, on a painting, on a painting...Self Portrait on Doors (unfinished) Doors are the bomb! I love ...
Large Church 48" x 72" St. Louis Cathedral II This church is...Landscape Acrylic 48" x 36"View from my Studio Unfinished Watercolor
Ansonborough Rooftops unfinished watercolorInk Drawing This is the center of West Greenville looking toward th...Ink Drawing Ansonborough Rooftops
Unfinished Acrylic ChurchOdds and EndsPaper Bag Puppet of a Kitty for Ava's Birthday
Rrroar-th-p! ~~Lion with a LispThis picture of Mark was shot by a fellow artist, Ted Harper, right af...Painting Lesson
Cutting the Atlanta Boy Choir lino plate.Rolling on the ink...The Beatification of the Waffle House...in progress. Acrylic on Wood 4...

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