Mark telling me about some of the pieces he's working on and the stories of where and with whom he painted them...

"The watercolor directly in front of me is view right out my windows. The old restaurant on the corner and the barber shop directly across. Immediately above the watercolor is "The Beacon" famous mega-fast food restaurant in Spartanburg where the cooks shuffle about on sawdust to keep from slipping on the grease. This is truth a'plenty.
Then, the Luther Family Crest with it's transcendant position signifying the truth in the tulip--from total depravity of man to the perseverance of the saints.
Orbiting to the right of the crest is the Chralie-Rolfe-owned view of the Ansonborough distrcit of Charleston. These roof tops are a recurring theme from a memorable ten-day visit in the middle of winter.
Above the microwave oven is another Ansonborough Rooftop;
this time a watercolor drawing.
This location is where I do a lot of my watercolors and drawings becasue of the light from the windows." ~~Mark

Snaps of the Studio
A brief visit