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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2006Printer-Friendly
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Shop Girl

Lauren Hutton and her friends stumbled upon an artist playing her banjo in her own art gallery in Brevard, NC.  Intrigued they went inside. Lauren was so taken with the idea of an artist playing a banjo in her shop that she snapped a picture with her camera phone to send to her good friend Steve Martin "who loves to play the banjo!"

The banjo playing artist is none other than fellow artist Drew Deane! She related this story when we went to visit her recently. Lauren's friends mentioned they were collectors of my work causing Lauren (a Charlestonian) to take note of my Charleston Rooftop series which was displayed in the gallery at the time.

Rumor has it that two weeks later Steve Martin (The Pink Panther himself!) was sited in Brevard eating lunch and depositing nose grease all over Drew Deane's gallery windows trying desparately to see my work!!!

Just kidding.

No doubt he was just trying to catch a glimpse of the "shop girl" & her banjo. But, alas, she was out that day and missed her once in a lifetime opportunity to meet her favorite author. 

Now she sits and quietly plays her banjo hoping he will come again.


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