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Luna Landing Mystery Logo

Since a child I have been fascinated by the Luna moth. I accumulated a collection of insects but especially of butterflies and moths. I was entranced with moths after I saw a thick, translucent green caterpillar spin it's cocoon. That particular caterpillar turned into a Polyphemus moth--one of those big, rich brown moths with large foe eyes on the wings. On only a few occasions was I ever able to catch a Luna moth. In fifth grade, I found some in the mountains of NC; so that kept them very special and rare.

The moon behind the moth not only makes connection with the name of the moth but is also a source of fascination for me which is heightened by my father's work in exploring the history of transient lunar phenomena. Rarity, mystery, beauty...all are resonant with my philosophy of art.

Wishing you a mysterious new day, peppered with rare beauty,



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