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THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2007Printer-Friendly
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A Wrinkle in Line

This drawing reminds of my early exploits into art. I couldn't have been older than second grade when an elderly lady sat for me. I was mesmerized by her wrinkles and did my best to get them while I was drawing. Upon completing the drawing I presented it to her and told her that I was very sorry I couldn't get all the wrinkles. My mother was embarassed, but the woman was rather amused. Through the eyes of a child you are who you appear to be. There's no shame in that.

I guess I was a visual artist from the beginning. Sentimentality can close our eyes to the unexpected essence of life. The things we think are bad--are they really?

Abraham Lincoln said, "After forty, you are responsible for your face." The expressions, the demeanor, the attitude and the lines are all dictated by the spirit that governs your face. Even the lines that are God given fall in pleasant places when the attitude is sweet.

Off to make more cracks (in batiks),


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