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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 200616 years ago
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Commissioned Batik in Light

Renato Moncini, a fabulous watercolorist & technical wizard of a variety of architectural and mechanical disciplines has tackled the very difficult problem of lighting a batik from behind. He has done what nobody else (in my experience) has been able to accomplish. Heretofore, it has been a bit of a let down after I've worked with a batik on a clothes line and enjoyed it's stained glass quality as the light streams through it, to stretch it over a canvas and not see the full power of color and light play in it. You will see in the pictures how, through flourescent lights (8 of them), he has back lit it and has diffused the light with two layers of 100% nylon flag material. It was an absolute delight to see this piece come back to life.

Thank you, Renato!

Looking forward to a year of many new batiks!



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