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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 200616 years ago
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New Discovery

I discovered another print that should have been posted already, but was overlooked!

This particular print is a different color version of  Ansonborough Rooftops--a black and white version. However, unlike some of the other "alternative" color versions I've done--eg., blue or brown versions layered on monochromatically alongside the regular reduction printing method, with this piece I waited until I had cut away every place in the linoluem and printed an "outline" print of  what was left of the plate.  The "black" of this piece corresponds with the second to last and the last darkest color I printed in the the color version.

This is a fortuitous print because I was able to get several shades of gray resulting from the fine cutting that was required for the optical mixing of color in the color version. Usually by the time I print the last layer of color the surface area of the plate is so depleted there is just a fine tracery of contour lines leaving no really attractive image.

I wish I had printed more. I have only one print of this version because once the final cutting occured the plate was useless for producing the same image. This is why my method radically limits the edition numbers and makes my linocuts rare.

Not "limited" nor "scarce," but RARE.

As I post the pictures for the linocutting demonstration you will see exactly what I mean. I've posted the very first step and will continue to post every step of the processs as I'm actually working on the print.

I hope you have a great Fall Friday!


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