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Road To Bethlehem
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 16.5"x5.25" ... $400 USD
Edition: 23 Remaining: 18 Mark will periodically do a piece for the family Christmas card. This was the piece for the 2000 card. Keywords: Christmas story, historical, biblical, religious, spiritual, monochromatic, all

Warren (alternate color)
Created 1994
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 9.5"x14" ... $400 USD
Edition: 2 Remaining: 2 Keyword: lone figure, man, patterns, all

Ansonborough Rooftops Black & White
Created 2006
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 24"x8.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 2 Remaining: 2 This is a print of the very outer lines of this linocut--basically an outline print version of Ansonborugh Rooftops color version. Keywords: landscape, houses, rootfops, all

Industrial Hillside (yellow)
Created 1993
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 16.25"x8" ... $400 USD
Edition: 4 Remaining: 2 This was inspired by a trip to San Francisco in the early 90s. Keywords: landscape, domestic, houses, city, skyline, sky, all

Drawing Class (black & white artist's proof)
Created 1993
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 14.75"x11.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 3 Remaining: 3 Keywords: interior, figure, educational, all

*SOLD OUT* Virginia Hills
Created 1995
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 13"x5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 24 Remaining: 0 I was just beginning to experiment with a disposal panoramic camera several years ago. The photograph inspired me to attempt a long horizontal. And since then I've done quite a few others in this format. This area is not far from Max Meadows in...

Drawing Class (green version)
Created 1993
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 14.5"x13" ... $400 USD
Edition: 7 Remaining: 6 I taught several drawing classes. This particular one was a Human Anatomy Lab. We had students sitting for each other and this is an actual class that I can identify the actual students which I will not name! The classes lasted two hours during...

Created 1996
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 8.75"x8.75" ... $400 USD
Edition: 27 Remaining: 2 These are daisies and they are in a pretty ornate setting. There is some resonance (somewhat subliminally) in the borders. The shape of this piece is cut similarly to the "Peter, James, and John" piece. Keywords: floral, patterns, all

Crafts Class
Created 1993
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 10"x7" ... $400 USD
Edition: 26 Remaining: 3 This is the old Fibre Arts Room… We all called it the Crafts Class for a while. The Crafts Class was where I first started batik and in it you can see a lot of other fibre art related activities going on. Keywords: interior, educational, figure,...

Fall's Early Night
Created 1996
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 9.5"x12.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 40 Remaining: 21 In this piece I tried to give a feeling of the summer night sky's in upstate New York in the Finger Lake area. For six years in a row I accompanied my grandmother from South Carolina to her cottage on Skaneateles Lake. Keywords: landscape,...

Waffle House (artist extra)
Created 1996
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 10"x7" ... $400 USD
Edition: 1 Remaining: 1 Starting in 1995 I began visiting Waffle Houses with greater frequency because I had friends who liked to go there. I got the idea for this particular composition from a student. Keywords: restaurant interior, figure, all

New York City Skyline
Created 1997
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 14.75"x7" ... $400 USD
Edition: 47 Remaining: 18 I had done a very large linocut of this scene and a lot more of the sky was visible in that piece. I wanted to do a smaller version to just give the essence of the larger. The scene moves from night to day (left to right). Keywords: landscape,...

Millhouse Twilight
Created 1999
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 10.5"x7.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 48 Remaining: 30 This is the house that has the banner of clothes hanging on the line. It's one of my favorite houses. I also did an oil called "Sundial" that features it exclusively. It's so simple but has a lot of character in it. Keywords: landscape,...

Spring Night Tulips
Created 2002
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 12"x8" ... $400 USD
Edition: 42 Remaining: 29 Flowers, tulips, night, astronomical, spring

Coastal Flurry
Created 1997
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 10.5"x9.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 52 Remaining: 26 The beginning of this piece was just cuts for the snow and it created the impressionistic effect of softer images. I'm fascinated by snow and warm interior light that contrasts so nicely with it. The buildings were actually taken from Charleston,...

Coffee Underground
Created 1996
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 12.5"x8.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 40 Remaining: 25 This is the expanded and colored version of the etching with the same name. Here you're able to feel more of the warmth and the festive convivial atmosphere that this place gives at night. Keywords: Interior, restaurant, faces, figure, all

Gloaming Field
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 9"x9" ... $400 USD
Edition: 44 Remaining: 34 This landscape is a little different from most of mine in that there's no immediate focal point. Kind of a curious dialogue between the grass and the sunset in the background. Keywords: landscape, farmland, fields, sky, horizon, all


*SOLD* Paul Dewitt in Printroom
Created 1989
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Etchings | 11.75"x9" ... $400 USD
Keyword: interior, lone figure, studio, all


The Art Lesson
Created 1991
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 8"x10" ... $400 USD
Edition: 10 Remaining: 8 This is one of my first linocuts. It's done on very thin paper which accentuates the thickness of the ink layers. Keywords: domestic interior, educational, lone figure, boy, all

Wave-road of Beowulf (blue edition)
Created 2003
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Linocut | 11"x7.5" ... $400 USD
Edition: 15 Remaining: 6 Keywords: historical, figure, character, boat, water, iceburg, nordic, viking, ship, storm, all

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